Thursday, October 31, 2013

Throwback Thursday Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween folks!
I hope you all enjoyed at least one piece of candy today. 
The weather here today has been superrrrr blahhhh. 
This kind of weather is so depressing and makes me want to sleep all day. 
Tonight I went to my parent's house to hand out candy. 
I would say we had maybe 35 trick-or-treaters. 
I just handed out handfuls of candy to each of them because I was cold and ready to go inside.
Such lovely weather #gottalovemichigan
I had 1 snickers & 1 laffy taffy #selfcontrol
While I was at my parent's house I had every intention of finding old Halloween pictures.  
Well I looked in my room and couldn't find a single one. 
I didn't feel like searching through the endless sleeves of unmarked photos. 
I couldn't find any in albums so I said fugggg it.
Maybe next year I will spoil you guys with some Halloween gems from my childhood. 
Let me tell you I had the BIGGEST gap in my teeth. 
I was the epitome of awkward. 
Thank goodness for braces....I digress. 

So because I couldn't find any awkward photos from my childhood, I have some photos from my skinny days early college days (freshmen and sophomore year).
I will probably never show that much skin in a costume again how depressing

One last thing...
This afternoon at approximately 4:50 pm I turned in my final paper of the semester, meaning I'm DONE with my first semester of grad school.
I'm ready for a bit of a break from school. 
CHEERS to that and the fact that tomorrow is Friday even though I have to work on Saturday at 5:30am
#ilovewine #andhashtags

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